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PJA Fullerton



Cover art for Red Road Redemption book by Pamela Fullerton
Back cover image of Red Road Redemption book by Pamela Fullerton

Prize winning author Pamela Fullerton presents stories set in the heart of rural Wisconsin, where red gravel roads both connect and divide neighbors, where they can lead to unexpected adventures for man and beast and where for some---they may indicate a path toward individual redemption.

To most people, the picturesque farms nestled among the rolling hills and lush fields of central Wisconsin are the perfect nostalgic representations of homesteads they heard about from their great grandparents. The grazing herds of black and white Holstein cows, the bright red barns, the forests of tall maples and white pine create a lovely landscape. But in this collection you will find the stories that reflect the real drama, humor, and tragedy of life alongside those iconic red roads.

Here are the unique characters encountered at the local feed store, an Amish harness maker’s shop, or even at the one lonely neighborhood tavern. These are reality based accounts experienced by the author while running a small farm in Central Wisconsin, or, tales shared over the paddock fence by older, and much wiser, neighbors. These oftentimes funny or tragic stories both fascinate and precisely capture a way of life that was becoming extinct, even as it was being lived.

Enjoy dogs that hum and find the story of a bull that purrs. Take an unquiet walk in the woods, and cheer for the dog pack struggling to bring home the best gifts ever.

Share a holiday allegory or classic car memories, all seasoned with triumph and tragedy. Encounter the Unseen Menace, the Forest Witch, and a remarkable terrier named Dickens. Peer through a poignant lens at disappearing family farms, grieve in the hay loft of a magnificent old barn, and rejoice in the yarn of the Pink Tiger.


 Join us for a memorable stroll down these iconic red roads.


“…She called to him, her loyal, obedient little dog and he turned to look at her—a look of such longing and determination, then he turned and trotted away, his tail swinging in perfect metronome rhythm to his staccato footfalls. He never returned.” 

Excerpt from ‘Going to Join Dickens’, Winner Jade Ring Literary Competition

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Red Road Redemption by author Pamela Fullerton is more than just a captivating collection of short stories. They are tied together with love, humor, and heartbreaking moments that pull the reader in with lines like, “her long-dead husband’s cane still stood in the far corner, and she reached out to grasp it. It was fitting something of her sweetheart's should take this journey with her,” from the first story (“Going to Join Dickins”); and circles back with a powerful “aha” ending that ties the entire collection together. Throughout, you are in the hands of an extraordinary storyteller and a brilliant writer.

Nick Chiarkas, Award-winning author of Weepers and Nunzio’s Way

Sometimes clever, sometimes heartbreaking, but always lyrical, Fullerton’s stories explore the intricacies of the human heart as her characters cope with the challenges life brings their way in the often-neglected rural settings of the vast Midwest. Whether she’s mining the loss of a beloved animal or exploring the fear of being lost in the woods, whether she’s examining the fraught relationship between a parent and a child or ruminating on the inevitably of death, she writes with an honesty, empathy, and grace that will engage your intellect at the same time it touches your soul.  

Maggie Smith, Author of Truth and Other Lies

A delightful read. A plethora of emotions from beginning to end. Joy, anticipation, grief, and everything in between. I really enjoyed it. 

Brea BehnBest-selling author of the Love and Surviving series

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Photo of Pamela Fullerton and her borzoi dog

Pamela J.A. Fullerton was born and raised in Wisconsin. She was one of 15 P.K.s (Preacher’s Kids). She began college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison at age fifteen and eventually secured her BS over a decade later while working full-time and raising her sons. Another decade passed before she obtained her law degree, also from UW-Madison. She pursued careers in Human Resources, Educational Administration, and Administrative Law. She raises performance Anglo and Arabian horses and incredible dog companions.


She writes about those things that allow us as human beings the great privilege of laughter…or tears.



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