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Along with producer Susan Reetz, Pamela Fullerton is working to complete “Honor in the Air”, a documentary about the life of Captain Scott R. Alwin.

Scott was one of the 15 siblings Pamela grew up with in rural Wisconsin parsonages. This ‘Preacher’s Kid’ (who resigned from the Air Force Academy to become an Army Helicopter pilot as the conflict in Vietnam escalated), became one of the most decorated pilots in military history. He was awarded more Combat Air Medals than any other military Aviator from any branch of the service and invented the auto rotational maneuver to counteract tail rotor and engine failure, a technique still being taught to all helicopter pilots today…and still saving lives. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Silver and Bronze Stars, Purple Hearts, and numerous other commendations. His fellow veterans said he was nominated twice for a Congressional Medal for voluntary missions. Hanoi Hanna placed the highest bounty for any American pilot on his head.

Like many soldiers, he was dismayed by the way we left Vietnam. In protest he resigned his commission and returned to Chief Warrant Officer status. He was killed shortly after the end of the War by a suicidal drunk driver while on his way to Washington, D.C. for meetings at the War College. He was 31 years old.


He is buried in a tiny rural cemetery next to a small country Church in Marathon County, Wisconsin. Few but his family and friends know he is there and few others even know he existed---just another hero from that forgotten war, unsung and unrecognized.


Susan, an award winning documentarian, and Pamela, a prize winning author, hope to change that with this film honoring Scott and his fellow Vietnam veterans and providing the public with a new glimpse into the lives of the generation who fought that unpopular war for all the right and gallant reasons.

For more information visit:, contact Pamela Fullerton, or get in touch with Susan Reetz, Producer, Clear Focus Media, LLC, 6402 Creel Drive, Weston, WI 54476,  (715) 212-6239, Susan@ClearFocus.Media .   

Alwin family 1953 in front of one of dads churches.jpeg

Honor in the Air: Remembering Captain Scott Alwin (a documentary)

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